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Workshop Series in Cognitive Science (Grands Colloques de l’Académie 5)

Speech variation : Impact on perception and comprehension

17–18 janvier 2020, MSH, Nice

Friday 17th

9h00 Intro

9h10-10h00 Arthur Samuel and Yi Zheng
"Is Lexically-Guided Phonetic Recalibration Critical for Accent Accommodation ?"

10h00- 10h45 Sophie Dufour
"Effects of talker-variation on lexical access"

10h45-11h15 Break

11h15- 12h00 James McQueen
"Multiple mechanisms for the recognition of variable speech"

12h00-12h45 Julien Meyer
"From spoken modal speech to whistled vowels and consonants, an exploration through perceptual experiments"

12h45-14h15 Lunch

14h15- 15h00 Sven Mattys
"Handling attentional and perceptual distortions of speech within a ’cognitive listening’ framework"

15h00- 15h45 Michel Hoen
"Effortful speech recognition in cochlear implant users : from concepts to objective measures"

15h45-16h15 Break

16h15 - 17h00 Odette Scharenborg
"Perceptual learning by humans and machines"

17h00 - 17h45 Martin Cooke
"Variation in the extreme : processing highly-degraded speech"

19h30 Dinner

Saturday 18th

10h00 – 10h45 Bronwen Evans
"How flexible is ’flexible’ in speech processing ? Evidence from behavioural and neurophysiological studies of second dialect acquisition"

10h45- 11h30 Katie Drager
"Speech perception is influenced by social information and the co-occurrence of linguistic forms"

12h00 Lunch

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