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Residence abroad and language learning

Study and residence abroad research has established itself as a buoyant sub-field of Applied Linguistics and International Student Mobility, reflecting the theoretical and applied interest that study abroad holds as a language learning context involving significant and growing numbers of participating students around the world. In the case of language learning, that interest especially revolves around the nature of the learner’s linguistic development as well as the role of a wide range of input, social, personal and contextual factors.

This conference follows on the European transnational SAREP project (Study Abroad Research in European Context) which ran as an EU-COST Action in 2016-2020, and is intended as a timely opportunity for colleagues across the field to come together to share their work. Papers are welcome on all aspects of language learning during a stay abroad, and in particular with respect to how the following three sets of factors shape language development :
  individual differences
  diverse learner populations (e.g., learner activities while abroad, specialization before going abroad, pre-residence abroad training and mentoring during residence abroad, etc.)
  diverse target languages

Organising team : Amanda Edmonds (Université Côte d’Azur) / Fredina Addo (Université Côte d’Azur) / Martin Howard (University College Cork)

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