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taking the bus at Nice airport

  • If you arrived in Terminal 2, take the free shuttle up to the Terminal 1
  • In Terminal 1: take the bus # 23 ("Centre Administratif - Vallon des fleurs"). You can’t go wrong : this is the terminus of the bus, therefore there’s only one direction ("St Maurice") available.
  • Get off at the bus stop "Libération"
  • Take the tramway on the avenue Malausséna in direction of "Pont Michel"
  • Get off at the tramway stop called "Saint-Jean d’Angély Université"


Alternatively, you also can take bus # 23, get off at anyone of these bus stops: "Magnan", "Rosa/Bonheur", or "Grosso CUM" ; then take either bus # 3 or # 9 or # 10 and get off at bus stop "Médecin/Pastorelli", and then take the tramway on the ’avenue Jean-Médecin (the rest is same as above).

View online : Bus network map and schedules

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