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Coming from West by the A8 motorway

(coming from Toulon - Aix - Marseille)

Leave the A8 motorway by the exit on the right called "NICE - PROMENADE DES ANGLAIS". In general, it’s easy to locate : it’s where the traffic jam is. For information, the immediately preceding exit is called "SAINT LAURENT DU VAR" and the next exist is called "AEROPORT / Airport".

If you missed the exit "NICE - PROMENADE DES ANGLAIS", you can take the next exit ("AEROPORT") to catch up the "voie Mattis" road which goes through Nice (see below the details of this alternative route).

After you took the exit "PROMENADE DES ANGLAIS":

- Stay on the right lane, and bifurcate right after the curve (direction : Nice).

- Some traffic lights later, take the toboggan (on the left, at the traffic light) in order to catch the voie Mattis (direction "Monaco / Nice Est")

- Continue on the voie Mattis up to the end (exit "Acropolis")

- At the end of the tunnel Malraux (end of the voie Mattis), continue straight forward then take left at the second traffic light, then follow the roadsigns "Campus Saint-Jean d’Angély / Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis" (you will have to turn right, some traffic lights further, in order to cross the tramway railway).

The blue path below sums up these driving directions :


 If ever you missed the exit "PROMENADE DES ANGLAIS", don’t switch into Panic mode. Here are the alternative route directions:

- Take the next exit called "AEROPORT / Airport".

- At the first traffic light, bifurcate right and then change to leftmost lane in order to turn left at the next traffic light. Then, continue straight forward until you pass under a bridge (this is the railway).

- After you passed under this bridge, turn left as soon as possible, which means "take the leftmost lane and go straight forward until the second traffic light after the bridge, and then turn left", direction "voie Mattis" road.

- Once on the "voie Mattis" (a kind of "slow trans-urban fast track") take the last exit, called "Acropolis".

- The rest is identical to the directions written above.

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