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UMR 7320 : Bases, Corpus, Langage

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Privacy Policy

The only information that UMR 7320 : Bases, Corpus, Langage, obtains about a site user is that supplied voluntarily by the user. This means that you can visit the UMR 7320 : Bases, Corpus, Langage website without giving your identity or revealing any information about yourself. Some of the UMR 7320 : Bases, Corpus, Langage programs or services may request specific user information, such as name and email address, and the user may decide whether to voluntarily supply that information. Pursuant to law n° 78-17 "Informatique et Libertés"/Computer science and privacy rights, you have the right to access, rectify and delete information about you on this website.

To exercise this right, please refer to webmaster.

Moreover, it is strictly forbidden to harvest or to gather personal information from this web site (including the directory of members) and/or to use such information for commercial or marketing purposes.

Conditions of use

Exclusion of liability

The UMR 7320 : Bases, Corpus, Langage makes every effort to ensure, but does not guarantee, the accuracy of the information on its website. Hyperlinks to other websites imply neither responsibility for, nor approval of, the information contained in those other websites on the part of UMR 7320 : Bases, Corpus, Langage.

Intellectual property

This UMR 7320 : Bases, Corpus, Langage website is the exclusive property of UMR 7320 : Bases, Corpus, Langage and is protected by French and international intellectual property law. No reproduction, modification, derivative work, translation, inclusion, or representation of this website may be carried out in breach of the rights of UMR 7320 : Bases, Corpus, Langage, as derived from the above-mentioned legislation, and no commercial use of any part of this site may be carried out without prior written approval of UMR 7320 : Bases, Corpus, Langage.

Hypertext links

The introduction of hypertext links by third parties towards pages or documents published on the UMR 7320 : Bases, Corpus, Langage website is allowed, provided that such links do not breach the rights and reputation of UMR 7320 : Bases, Corpus, Langage, and that the user is able to identify the origin and author of the document.

Place of jurisdiction clause

This site is subject to French law. In the event of a dispute, the French version of this text shall be considered the authentic version, and sole jurisdiction is given to French courts.


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Amaury Adon

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Frank de Albuquerque - Jean-Baptiste Pressac (CNRS) - Valérie Pierre (CNRS) - Benoît Chassigneux - Julien Barnier (GRS) - Jean-Christophe Monferran (LAHIC) - Stéphane Pouyllau (CRHST)

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